Michèle Destarac was born in, Hyères in 1943.

Michèle Destarac was very young when discovered by Jean Pollak, owner of the renowned Galerie Ariel in Paris, who was impressed by the quality and maturity of the work of this self-taught artist.
From 1969, he gave her the opportunity to exhibit alongside with some of the most known artists of the era : Karel Appel, Asger Jorn, Pierre Alechinsky, Jacques Doucet, Olivier Debré…, who were charmed by the vigour of such a young artist. Her career has continued especially in the northern countries where her work, close to that of the Cobra group, finds a more sympathetic audience.

Strength, vitality, light poetry and humour serve an exulted practice of art.
Michèle Destarac’s work is listed in many public collections: Pompidou Centre in Paris, Vitry-sur-Marne Museum, Burden Collection & Carter Burden Collection in New York, Art Gallery & Technic University of Trondheim (Norway)…