Dominique Jousseaume was born in 1950 in Paris.

After secondary school, he hesitated between architecture and fine arts, finally undertaking an unusual course more suited to his taste for freedom and independence. He continued his training in different workshops where he studied drawing, modeling, direct etching, engraving, etc.

His first exhibitions enabled his, through job contacts, to work on theatre settings, for the cinema and for ballet. He was also initiated into working on public demand.

These multiple activities, all interrelated, shaped hiscareer in a spirit of adventure which corresponds to the idea that he has of art : to always look for what is behind the curtain.

His works are on display in numerous galleries in France (with the Galerie Iris Clert at first, Galerie de Buci) and abroad (gallery Sara Garcia Uriburu in Buenos Aires)

A personal exhibition was organized in 2010 in Lyon by the Galerie des Tuiliers, called “Secret Excavations”.


« I am an archaeologist of the imagination, a scrap merchant of the derisory, a rescuer of wrecks, an architect of forgotten or future times.

Time is circular, an eternal dance of the material in perpetual metamorphosis.

Fragments thrown according to winds and currents, sediments of the memory…

Nostalgic tracks of the past pieced together and recreated by an alphabet in the sand.

A land surveyor and excavator, a lock picker, a prospector of stories.

Then, like a palette emerging from the alchemy of the sea, all these elements are assembled and become Idols, Totems, Angels, Altars, Altarpieces, Carnivals… like small animistic Gods. » Dominique Jousseaume



– Fonds National d’Art Contemporain – Paris
– Monnaie de Paris
– Fondation « La Clairière » Jamont – Bruxelles