Born in 1975 in Périgueux, Lives in Nantes.

Many evoke Joan Mir ó, others quote Dubuffet or Basquiat. Thomas L., him, painted in the stomach, in the heart.
On 2001 Thomas Labarthe discovers Jean Dubuffet in the Centre Pompidou. A retrospective which establishes for him a “real electric shock”. 3 months later, he paints Mala bestia, his first painting. The time of the exhibitions will follow: Paris, Carhaix, Nantes or Tours.
On 2006 He presents Free Figures to the Center Altercultura in Barcelona. Initially release, its creation forms itself more and more. Thomas Labarthe finds his formats, begins to define his masses, his forms and his colors. Rich and fertile, his experience of life in Spain binds him to the chromies of the South. To see his work, many call moreover upon Joan Mir ó. Others quote Dubuffet or Basquiat. Thomas, him, paints in the stomach, in the heart.

He(It) is displayed(exposed) in France by the Gallery Id-Art (Paris, 3rd) and goes(surrenders) twice to New York, for residences.

In the year 2009, the meeting with his(her) agent Sébastien Fritsch gives rise to a series of exhibitions(exposures) and numerous creative projects in the South of France. Committed(hired) in his artistic moose(run-up), Thomas Labarthe knows also how to commit(hire) the others. Today, video director, photographer, author, graphic designer and scenographer mutualize their savoirfaire around the painter.


Marseille, February and March, 2011. The painter, supported by author’s team, the graphic designer, the photographer and the video director dive into a gallery-workshop to give birth(rise) to a new material(subject), completely intended for the edition(publishing)


Installation and projection ¦ Operatic(lyric) Gaiety, Paris Réalisation of the decoration(set) for a video clip ¦ Music group Nor ¦ Mason Installation and exhibition(exposure) ¦ Halle(hall,market) Saint-Peter, Paris Installation and exhibition(exposure) ¦ New Hotel of Marseille, Marseille Exposition of drawings and signature ¦ Mazarine bookshop, Paris Présentation of the project y Vas-y ¦ Book fair, Paris Exposition of drawings and installation ¦ The Index, Nantes


The Choreographer Jean-Charles GIL invites the painter to explore the piece of news(short story) of Olivier Sacks – the désincarnéetirée woman of the book ” The man who took his wife for a hat “. This meeting will give rise to the entitled performance “Disembodied”. Show(entertainment) within the framework of August in dance, Marseille Provence 2013 project.


Prefigure, titles of the installation created by Thomas Labarthe for
The contemporary Gallery of the City hall of Chinon of April 19th in
June 1st, 2014.
Installation and exhibition(exposure) ¦ Gallery Saltiel, Aix-en-Provence.
Installation ¦ Performance ¦ Entertainment / destruction ¦ Nantes.
Installation and exhibition(exposure) ¦ The URBAN DEVELOPMENT ZONE ¦ Brest.


Art up Lille big Palace ¦ Lounge(show) of art with the gallery Saltiel
Paper coils ¦ In April 15th on May 10th, 2015 solo exhibition show in the gallery W ¦
Paris 8eme Avenue ¦ Lounge(show) of art with the gallery Saltiel


Scratch that scratch – May 10th on June 3rd
Solo exhibition(exposure) show in the gallery Saltiel Aix en Provence
Catalog of exhibition(exposure) Scratches that Guitar by studios two two.
Resolutions I Projet introduced and supported by the French Institute of Tunis
Fresco and digital installation exposed(explained) of September 16th to 15
October, 2016
Project of edition(publishing) Resolutions by studios two Two ¦
Residence in the National Center of Art Sidi Kacem Jelizi’s ceramic,
In Tunis ¦ Accompanied with Paul Chabot, Théophile Pillault, Sébastien
Fristsh, Renaud Paumero and Laure Le Foll and Jérémy Herman.

17 nov – December 31st, 2016 Galerie des Tuiliers