Lev Stern was born in 1945 in Russia and currently lives in Worclaw, in Poland. In 1948, he moved with his parents to Poland before emigrating to Israel in 1959. In 1971, he obtained his architecture and design degree in Haifa. Later, he opens an architecture office in Jerusalem and teaches architecture and design at Bezalel. From 1981 to 1983 he lived in Paris, and was devoted to painting and scuplture. Since 1984, he fully devoted himself to painting and scuplture.


Group show   


1982 : Galerie Saphir, Paris

1987 : Alliance française, Jérusalem

1993 : Galerie Migdal 18, Tel Aviv

1996 : « Architects Draw Jerusalem »

1999 :  Tadi Art Center, Jérusalem Vadi Nisnas, Haïfa

2002: Europart, Paris

2005: “Lehaim”, Ramat Gan Museum, Ramat Gan Symphosium de la scuplture de pierre, Yavne

2006 : « Scupltures et nus », Engel Gallery, Tel Aviv


Individual exhibitions


1982: Galerie G, Jérusalem

1987: Morasha Gallery, Jérusalem Artist House, Jérusalem

1993: Artist House, Jérusalem

1994: The Old Bezal House, Jérusalem Biennale de la scuplture, Ein Hod

1995:  Installation d’une sculpture monumentale Hamasger street, Tel Aviv Galerie Valois, Paris

1998:  Beit Habad Gallery, hein Hod Mieiska, Wroclaw, Pologne Hamumhe Gallery, Tel Aviv

1999: Centre de la science et de l’industrie, Bek

2000: Beit Habad Gallery, Ein Hod

2003: Galerie Valois, Paris

2005: “The local people”, Artist House, Tel Aviv “I was there…”, Mieiska Gallery, Wroclaw, Pologne Peinture urbaine murale “Dalia”, Haïfa

2008: Galerie Vallois, Paris

2014: Installation au musée national de Wroclaw, Pologne

2015: Exposition au musée Dom Miedziorytnika, Wroclaw, Pologne

2015: « Of Firm Shampera », Wroclaw, Pologne