Exposition attendue D’Amélie Ducommun

Amélie Ducommun exposes his Sensory series “Sensitive Water Mapping” on 2016 to The Gallery from March 16th till April 29th, 2017, varnishing on Thursday, March 16th from 6 pm till 9 pm.

The Gallery publishes(edits) a catalog of exhibition(exposure) for the opportunity(occasion).

The Gallery of the Tile makers will present you its new exhibition(exposure) of contemporary Art: Amélie, young emergent French artist.

” The origin of its work livesmainly in a questioning on the memory, the perception of the landscapes and the interactions of the natural elements. Every light of a country, a place offers (her) a particular harmony. It is necessary to her to look for this light in every place, to discover it, to dread her. It is in the sense that she likes travelling, to find her first impression on things… presse


Sensitive Water Mapping #113      2016  / 195 x 130 cm


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