Toma L exhibition 2016

DroiTÖbRUT by Toma L

The Gallery of the Tile makers presents you its new exhibition(exposure) of contemporary Art: DroiTÖbRUT of Toma-L, the artist whose expression is free and instinctive. Materials(subjects), CRUDE OIL(GROSS SALARY), new paintings(cloths) and drawings will be to discover in the presence of the artist.

Varnishing(Private viewing) on Thursday, November 17th, 2016 in Lyon from 6 pm till 9 pm

” To let go his(her,its) look in a workshop(studio) as that of the Thomas Labarthe, it is to see the unspeakable, to seize details as well as works basically. Even if a good many of them still ignore. ” Théophile Pillault
Extract of the text of the catalog shaped and created by the Gallery specially for the exhibition(exposure).

We invite you warmly in this evening of discovery of this raw(gross) and creative artist.

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